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VANTAGE Programme

VANTAGE is Cultivate's unique development programme for governing bodies and senior managers, designed to address the structural and cultural changes that many organisations need to make at board and senior officer level to improve their fundraising capabilities and increase philanthropic giving.

Case Study - Board Action Plan

A case study from our Survive and Thrive development programme for museums in the East Midlands on working with board members to develop an action plan for their organisations future, and clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Case Study - Adopting a Constitution

A case study from our Survive and Thrive development programme for museums in the East Midlands, focussing on building a stronger organisation through legal and governance reviews that led to the adoption of a formal constitution.

Business Planning Toolkit - Internal Controls

Ensuring that you have effective internal controls in place for your organisation

Business Planning Toolkit - Resource Analysis

Understanding the adequacy and suitability of all your organisations resources: Physical, Financial, Human and intellectual.

Business Planning Toolkit - Stakeholder Mapping

Consider your stakeholders' requirements, power and influence on your organisation.

Business Planning Toolkit - Missions, Aims and Objectives

Clarify the overriding direction of your organisations through your Mission, develop clear Aims on how you'll deliver to specific Objectives.

Business Planning Toolkit - SWOT Analysis

Summarise the key issues from your business environment and the strategic capability of your organisation.

Business Planning Toolkit - Risk Management Process

How to assess the risks in you project and then plan and control the activities to reduce these risks.

Marketing Toolkit - Creating an Arts-Based Website

Information on creating an arts-based website by Katapult Brand Communications

Marketing Toolkit - Ticketing

A summary of the ticketing options available from Bespoke in-house systems, Web-based or external online services.

Family Friendly Toolkit

How to be a family-friendly organisation

Marketing Toolkit - Pricing

This toolkit looks at the key considerations relating to pricing, and offers some tips and techniques for getting the most through your Box Office by using market intelligence to help you set prices

Marketing Toolkit - Branding

Branding toolkit, far more than a logo and a slogan.

Audience Development - Research Techniques

An overview of audience research with learning points on different techniques and tips for trying them out.

Audience Development - Strategies, Campaigns and Tactics

This toolkit aims to give you a one-stop guide to tackling your organisation's audience development needs, highlighting the must- have tools, offering information on the process and flagging up possible pitfalls. There are also references to more reading.

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