Dame Stephanie Shirley (the UK Founding Ambassador for Philanthropy) presenting at 'The Art of Philanthropy' symposium, Broadway Media Centre, 2011

Philanthropy & Fundraising


Designed to address the structural and cultural changes that many organisations need to make at board and senior officer level to improve their fundraising capabilities and increase philanthropic giving, VANTAGE is Cultivate's unique development programme for governing bodies and senior managers.

The programme will:

  • Enable organisations to identify what is needed to equip their boards for the current challenge of philanthropy and fundraising.
  • Improve existing skills at board and CEO level.
  • Assist in identifying gaps and recruiting trustees with necessary capabilities.
  • Build confidence in approaching philanthropic fundraising.
  • Enhance the sustainability of participating organisations by increasing the income from philanthropy and fundraising over the long term.

A detailed breakdown of the programme can be found here.

If you would like to enquire about participating in the VANTAGE programme please contact Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson at vanessa@cultivate-em.com or telephone 0778 0707600.

3D Dynamic Fundraising

Cultivate in partnership with international data information company Experian have developed an innovative analysis and development programme to support cultural organisations in identifying, profiling and developing relationships with current and potential donors. 3D Fundraising will enable organisations to identify key relationship building and retention strategies based on Experian's analysis of your existing customer data.

Step 1: Design
Cultivate will work with you to design the programme of analysis that best fits your need to identify and profile current and potential donors.

Step 2: Discover
Experian will analyse your data to produce a detailed profile of your current and potential donors. If you do not hold any customer data Experian will analyse existing information to identify potential donors in you are area.

Step 3: Devise
Cultivate will work with you to devise strategies informed by the analysis to develop and engage with current and potential donors

Costs for 3D Dynamic Fundraising are based on the number of records held by your organisation. If you would like to find out more about this service please contact Vanessa@cultivate-em.com.