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Cultivate Board

Tim Challans - Chairman

Tim is a cultural consultant with a long experience in local government and the cultural and public sector. He was trained and practiced as a town planner for two inner London boroughs before moving to the Midlands in the mid 1980s where he worked for the regional arts funding system and the Arts Council. In the early 1990s he was the co-ordinator of the National Arts and Media Strategy. He went on to run the leisure and cultural services for Nottinghamshire County Council, which, at that time, was the largest county council cultural service in the country. Before he got his life back in late 2009, he lead the Leisure, Culture and Lifelong Learning service for Walsall Council, were he also took on regional and national roles. He has worked freelance as the Project Director for the West Midlands Culture and Sport Improvement Network and for Cultural Improvement East Midlands.

Tim is also chair of City Arts Nottingham, is on the Members group of Nottingham Playhouse and on the organising committee for the Ashbourne Festival.

Tim is Chair of the Trustees of Cultivate-em Ltd, the Charity

Shona Powell

Shona is Director of Lakeside Arts Centre, the University of Nottingham's public arts centre and museum which aims to promote access to excellence across the visual, performing, participatory arts and heritage. She is a board member of Ticketing Network East Midlands and was Chair of Déda from 2003 – 2010. She is also a member of a range of Nottingham-wide cultural initiatives including the City's Cultural Partnership, and the industry-led Cultural Marketing Initiative, which developed Spirit Nottingham.

Shona is a Trustee of Cultivate-em Ltd

Michael Gallagher

Mick has 32 years of local government experience; over 3 years as Chief Executive at Boston Borough Council, previously Director of Development and prior to this as a Cultural Services Director/Chief Officer in Leicester, North Ayrshire, Kingston upon Thames and Reading.

In 2010 he established a consultancy company, with expertise in preparing and implementing strategic and business plans and delivering organisational and cultural change. Mick also has extensive expertise in the creation and implementation of culturally led development schemes (arts, heritage, tourism and sport) as a catalyst for regenerating deprived areas in cities/towns.

Mick is a Director of Cultivate2

Geoffrey Horley MBA FCA

Geoffrey has been involved in business planning work for larger arts-based charities since the early 1990's.

Geoffrey trained as a chartered accountant, obtained an MBA from Manchester Business School in 1984, and in 2000 obtained a Diploma in Charity Management (with distinction) from City University Business School.

He was engaged by Arts Council England (ACE) to assist in business planning 'road shows' that launched ACE's Incentive Funding programme in the early 1990s and since then has been involved in the assessment and post-completion monitoring of many major projects funded through lottery funds. He has also acted for grantees, and operating through Chittenden Horley, has long-term professional relationships with more than fifty charities.

Geoffrey is a Director of Cultivate2

Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson

Vanessa is an Executive Director of Cultivate2

Fred Brookes

Fred is an Executive Director of Cultivate2